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NFL Picks


Are you looking for NFL betting picks for every game this week? You have to come to the right place. Welcome to the Betting News NFL picks page. On this page, you can find free NFL picks for every regular season and playoff game on the National Football League, including the Super Bowl. We have NFL point spread picks, NFL moneyline picks, and NFL total picks, along with NFL score predictions and relevant NFL betting stats and trends for each game.

The NFL picks here all come from trusted sports betting industry sources. The picks are aggregated and then matched up with NFL odds to determine the recommended point spread, moneyline, and total pick for each matchup.

The NFL season begins in early September and ends in February. Each of the league’s 32 teams plays 17 regular season games over the course of 18 weeks, with each team having one bye week during the season. Seven teams in each of the NFL’s two conferences, the AFC and NFC, make the playoffs, which culminate in the Super Bowl, the NFL’s championship game.

Betting on the NFL is extremely popular, and Super Bowl betting garners more interest and betting revenue than any other event in the United States.

If you like to get in on the action or want to get in on the action, our NFL picks page can be a very helpful resource for you. Use this page and our other NFL content to help you with betting on games from Miami to Minnesota.

NFL Season Structure

  • August: NFL preseason
  • September to January: NFL regular season
  • January & February: NFL playoffs
  • February: Super Bowl

The 2024 NFL regular season will begin on Thursday, September 5 with the Kansas City Chiefs, the two-time defending Super Bowl champions, hosting the Baltimore Ravens in a rematch of last season’s AFC Championship Game.

In the 2024 NFL season, there will be at least 13 games on the schedule in each week of the regular season. Most games will take place on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, but there will also be games on Wednesday (Christmas Day), Friday (Black Friday), and Saturday (Week 16).

From the season opener on September 5 to Super Bowl LIX, which will take place on Sunday, February 9, 2025, at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, 285 games will be played in total this NFL season. Whether you bet on one, eleven, or 111 of those games, we will have you covered.

Types of NFL Picks

Point Spread Picks

On this page, you can find point spread picks for the week’s NFL games. Betting on point spreads is one of the most popular ways to bet on the NFL. It is also one of the most popular ways to bet on the NBA, WNBA, college basketball, and college football.

How does point spread betting work?

If the point spread favorite wins by a certain number of points, they cover the spread. If the point spread underdog either wins outright or loses by an amount that less than the specific spread, they cover the spread.

For example, if the Dallas Cowboys are facing the Philadelphia Eagles at home. They may be favored by five points. Therefore, the two sides of the spread would be Cowboys -5 and Eagles +5.

What does that mean?

  • If the Cowboys win by more than five points (e.g., 31-24), they cover the spread.
  • If the Eagles win outright or lose by fewer than five points (e.g., 31-27), they cover the spread.
  • If the Cowboys win by exactly five points (e.g., 35-30), then the result for both sides is a push. In a push, the betting stake is refund.

So, how do these NFL point spread picks work?

In this example, 80% of our NFL picks sources back the Cowboys to cover the spread.

The best spread odds for that side can be found at BetOnline, where Cowboys -5 is available for -105 odds. Therefore, Cowboys -5 (-105 at BetOnline) will be listed as the recommended pick for this matchup.

Moneyline Picks

On our NFL picks page, you can also find NFL moneyline picks for this week’s games. Betting on moneylines is not as popular as betting on point spreads, but it is one of the most popular ways to bet on the NFL.

How does moneyline betting work?

Whereas point spread betting hinges on a specific outcome, moneyline bets are determined solely by who wins and who loses outright (or “straight up,” in sports betting lingo).

What does that mean?

  • If the Cowboys defeat the Eagles by any margin, then any moneyline bets on the Cowboys win.
  • If the Eagles win by any margin, then any moneyline bets on the Eagles win.

So, how do these NFL moneyline picks work?

In this example, the Cowboys are favored to win at home, and each of our NFL picks sources back Dallas to win. The best Cowboys moneyline odds can be found at Bovada, where Dallas is -210 to win. Therefore, Cowboys -210 at Bovada would be listed as the recommended moneyline pick for this matchup.

Total (Over/Under) Picks

Lastly, the third type of picks you will find on this page are NFL total picks, which are also known as NFL over/under picks. Betting on totals is a very popular way to bet on many sports, including the NFL, NHL, and soccer.

How does NFL total betting work?

Whereas the result of point spread and moneyline bets is dependent in some way on the outcome of the game, the result of total bets—game total bets, that is—is dependent only on how many points are scored, no matter who wins or loses.

For example, the total for the Eagles-Cowboys matchup is set at 54.5 points. What does that mean?

  • If the Eagles and Cowboys combine for 55 or more points, the game goes over the total. For example, if the Cowboys win 31-24, any bets on over 54.5 are winners.
  • If the Eagles and Cowboys combine for 54 or fewer points, the game goes under the total. For example, if the Cowboys win 30-24, any bets on under 54.5 are winners.

So, how do these NFL total picks work? In this example, 90% of our NFL picks sources back the over. The best over odds can be found at BetOnline, where over 54.5 is available at -105 odds. Therefore, over 54.5 (-105 at BetOnline) will be listed as the recommended pick for this matchup.

Other Types of NFL Picks

Point spread, moneyline, and total picks are what you will find on our NFL picks page. But there are other types of NFL betting picks that you will find in our other NFL content.

NFL Player Prop Picks

Betting on NFL player props is an extremely lucrative market. At many of the top sports betting sites, you can find a wide variety of NFL player prop odds for each game on the weekly schedule.

Throughout the NFL season, our content team will provide NFL player prop picks for many matchups, including every Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football matchup, as well as the three Thanksgiving Day NFL games, the two Christmas Day NFL games, and every game of the playoffs.

Some types of NFL player props include passing props, rushing props, receiving props, and touchdown scorer props. Most NFL player props are over/under bets, though first and anytime touchdown scorer props are a notable exception.

For example, if the Cowboys are facing the Eagles, you may find picks for a Dak Prescott passing yards prop.

NFL player prop betting is especially popular for the Super Bowl, when more prop betting options are available than any other game during the NFL season. Check out some of our Super Bowl player props content for Super Bowl LVIII, in which the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in an overtime thriller.

NFL Team & Game Prop Picks

Along with NFL player prop odds, you can bet on a lot of NFL team props and NFL game props each week at sports betting sites like BetOnline and Bovada.

Some examples of NFL team and game props are margin of victory props and first score props (e.g., first team to score and first scoring play).

During the NFL season, you will see many team and game prop picks among our NFL betting analysis. As with NFL player props, team and game props are especially popular for the Super Bowl.

NFL Futures Picks

Whether you are betting on NFL point spread odds, NFL moneyline odds, NFL total odds, or NFL props, betting on NFL games is the most popular way to bet on the league.

That said, the NFL futures market also has a high level of popularity. And because of the NFL’s high level of popularity, you will be able to bet on a wide variety of NFL futures odds even in the offseason.

Super Bowl odds and NFL awards odds (e.g., NFL MVP, NFL Offensive & Defensive Player of the Year, NFL Offensive & Defensive Rookie of the Year, NFL Coach of the Year) receive a lot of attention. So do NFL win total odds and NFL hot seat odds, to name a couple of other markets.

Whether it’s the day after the Super Bowl or a Tuesday in July, the Betting News team is keeping tabs on the latest NFL futures odds and will regularly provide analysis and picks that take into consideration any major shifts that may occur due to injuries, ups and downs in performances, hirings, firings, upsets, and beyond.

NFL Parlay & Teaser Picks

Would you like to bet on several NFL games or betting lines at the same time? If so, parlays and teasers allow you to do so.

If you are confident in your picks for tonight’s NFL games, you can put them all together in a parlay.

Or if you are interested in a few NFL picks but don’t want to bet on all of them to save your money or attention span, you can do a parlay to avoid spreading yourself or your bankroll too thin.

All the NFL picks on this page are individual picks, but you can put together multiple picks that you find here to make an NFL parlay.

Teasers are like parlays, but they involve shifting the odds by as many as seven points to mitigate your risk and maximize your chances to come out a winner.

You can often find NFL parlay and teaser picks among the NFL predictions and betting analysis provided by our content team, whether on the site, our Betting News Twitch streams, or one of the Betting News social media channels. That includes same-game parlays, also known as SGPs. In recent years, SGPs, which involve betting on multiple lines from the same game, have become a very popular way to bet on sports, including football.

Why Are NFL Picks Useful?

Are you a longtime NFL bettor? Are you getting in on the action for the first time this season? Whether this is your first rodeo or your 21st, one of the most important elements of being the best bettor you can be is doing your research.

Do you need to know everything about the NFL past and present? Do you need to be able to break down NFL game film like a player or a broadcaster? Neither of those things is necessary.

But knowing NFL teams and players, types of NFL bets, keeping tabs on NFL results, the NFL standings, and key NFL betting trends and stats, and having trustworthy information that supports and supplements that research can significantly aid your chances of success, whether you are betting on sports online or in person at a casino.

Whether it is NFL computer picks from established sources with a track record of success or NFL expert picks that come with informative analysis, quality information from quality sources can aid your decision-making process. The NFL game picks found here are all from such sources.

Will they be right 100% of the time? They won’t be.

Will you side with them 100% of the time? You may regularly choose the other side, even when percentages don’t favor that side.

But the intent for these picks is for them to be part of your NFL betting research, whether you are looking to bet on NFL point spread odds, NFL moneyline odds, or NFL total odds.

Should You Buy NFL Picks?

Any of the point spread, moneyline, and total picks on this page, as well as any other picks that we provide elsewhere, are free NFL picks. In addition to Betting News, there are many other sources out there that provide sports betting picks and analysis for free.

However, there are many sports handicappers and handicapping services that offer betting picks and analysis for a price.

Are those NFL premium picks worth it?

We are not here to tell you not to pay for sports betting picks. In fact, if you are looking for where to buy premium sports picks, there are several places that we recommend.

Premium sports picks can be a great way to supplement your research. Many handicappers and services repay the investment and then some by offering valuable analysis and information behind the paywall that may not be accessible to those who don’t pay.

That said, we do highly recommend treading carefully with any handicapper or handicapping service that mentions “100% guaranteed winner” or other similar phrases or buzzwords.

No human, computer, or betting system or strategy will win 100% of the time. If someone says that a pick is a 100% guaranteed winner, they are not being truthful. Should you absolutely avoid them as a result? No, but operate with extreme caution.

Also, we recommend weighing whether the price of the pick(s) is worth it relative to your bankroll, potential betting stake, and potential winnings.

For example, if you typically bet $100 on NFL games, paying $25 for a pick may be worth it. But if you typically bet $50 on NFL games, paying $25 for a pick might not be as worth it.

Where to Bet on NFL Picks Today

If you are on our NFL picks page, that means you are likely planning to bet on at least one of this week’s NFL games.

The NFL garners significant betting interest all year. Even when the season has ended, the NFL Draft has come and gone, and the new season is weeks upon weeks away, NFL bets are being made daily.

At any reputable online sportsbook, you can find NFL odds at any point throughout the year. Which of those sports betting sites you use may depend on several factors.

What NFL betting markets are you looking for? Do you like to bet on NFL player props? Are you seeking the best value available? Are you looking for the best bonus, promo, or rewards program? We highly recommend shopping around to find the sports betting site(s) that works best for your preferences and interests.

Because there are so many great books out there, many sports bettors like to place bets at multiple books. That said, if you want to streamline things and focus primarily or fully on one book, BetOnline is an excellent option for betting on the NFL.

BetOnline has a vast selection of NFL betting markets even in the offseason, is easy to navigate whether you are on a computer or a mobile device, has great welcome and reload bonuses and a rewards program, and they frequently run contests that offer lucrative prizes.

When it comes to NFL betting, BetOnline has you covered in every area, whether you like to bet on NFL sides (point spreads and moneylines) and totals, NFL player, team, or game props, NFL same-game parlays, or NFL futures odds.

Including BetOnline, here are the sportsbooks we recommend the most for NFL betting:

Best NFL Betting Sites

Are you unfamiliar with any of the sportsbooks on this list? If so, check out our review for the book you are curious about.

Our in-depth sportsbook reviews cover available betting options, deposit and payout options, mobile betting, bonuses and promos. Those are some of the areas many bettors consider the most when deciding where to place bets.

Other NFL Betting Information

Other NFL Content by Betting News

We actively encourage and recommend making the most of the vast internet and social media space to find trustworthy sports betting resources, and we don’t aim to be the only resource you use.

However, we do aim to be one of your go-to sources for NFL betting research. Whether you are looking to learn how to place a certain type of bet or you’re looking for betting analysis, predictions, and picks for the week’s best NFL matchup, we strive to be a reliable and regular resource for bettors.

Do you find these NFL picks useful? Here is some of the other NFL content we offer at Betting News:

Also, follow Betting News on X/Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube. On each of those channels, you can get more NFL betting insight from the Betting News content team.


Why should I consider NFL computer picks?
Computer picks compile all the data necessary to make an informed decision and a wise investment. It uses algorithms to compile all the stats, players, and other factors to find the best bet on what it thinks will occur. Computer picks run a simulation of the game happening 1,000 times and takes the data to show what is the most likely outcome.
What is the public bet percentage?
The public bet percentage is the percentage of bets a sportsbook takes on a particular bet. The number of bets wagered on every game is looked at in percentages. For example, the Baltimore Ravens are playing the Cleveland Browns. In this example, 65% of all of point spread bets are on the Ravens. Therefore, the betting public is backing the Ravens to cover the spread.

This is important because more often than not, the public loses. Pay close attention to when a team is heavily backed by the public, but more money is on the other side of the public. More often than not, that is because professional bettors, also known as sharps, have looked at the public bet percentages and any relevant line movement and bet the other side as a result. That is known as fading the public.

Do NFL computer picks always win?
No, NFL computer picks do not always win. No human, computer, or system is going to win 100% of the time.
How do NFL consensus picks work?
NFL consensus picks show you the percentage of the picks coming in on one side of the spread, moneyline or total. It gives you an idea where other bettors are placing their money and if you are on the same side. That can help you determine if you are betting with the public or fading the public