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BetMGM Sportsbook

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BetMGM Sportsbook

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BetMGM Sportsbook

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BetMGM Review

The BetMGM sportsbook is one of the biggest legitimate US betting sites and it will continue its growth in 2022. The sportsbook is scheduled to launch in New York in 2022, before the Super Bowl. Bettors from Louisiana will have access to the platform before spring.

Since launching in New Jersey in 2018, the gambling giant has expanded to some of the most thriving online betting markets in the US. Now, the operator runs in 17 states, making it more than legit.

The betting site is among the most popular in the country and more states are looking to join ranks with the sportsbook. In the future, as more states accept online sports betting, they may allow the Bet MGM sportsbook to operate. To highlight the best features, we take a look at some of the key features, functions, and offers provided by BetMGM.

Signing Up and Availability at BetMGM Sportsbook

The BetMGM sportsbook has improved its website and functionality over the past three years and the platform is streamlined and user-friendly. The bookmaker has spent time refining its website to become sleeker in recent years.

Where some competitor sites load odds, markets, and stats on the homepage, BetMGM is the opposite. The website is clear and easy to navigate. Some of the most popular odds are easy to access from the homepage, while further sports can be found easily along the sidebar or via the menu at the top of the page.

The theme of simplicity continues for the signing up process too. All new customers need to get started with the betting site is a valid email address and a safe password. However, even quicker options are available as the platform allows bettors to make an account via PayPal or Yahoo Sports. Customers can sync these accounts to their BetMGM registration, making signing up and logging in quicker.

Signing up options are the same for all 17 states that allow BetMGM to operate. But, bettors from alternative states can browse the website without placing bets to get a feel for the website. Geo-location technology is used as soon as the website loads to determine accessibility for users.

There is also an interactive map that can be accessed from the homepage that gives an update on the sportsbook’s legal status in certain states. This function also highlights when the betting site is scheduled to launch, and what functionality it has in each live state.

BetMGM Sign Up Bonuses

Every online sportsbook needs a bonus and promotions program. They have become industry standard as a way to compete for your action and BetMGM has a few bonuses of its own available for their players. The big sign-up bonus from this betting site is the paid back bonus of up to $1000, available to all new customers.

To qualify for the sign-up paid bck bonus, new players simply need to register with the bookmaker. This can be completed on the desktop or via dedicated apps. Then, new customers can make an initial $10 deposit and bet on any fixture. If the first bet loses, up to $1000 can be refunded to the new account.

BetMGM Sportsbook Promo Codes

None of BetMGM’s live bonuses or promotions require a promo code. However, remember to always be on the lookout for promotional code advertising. Promo codes are often launched and updated by bookmakers. This is particularly the case near big sporting events, like the Super Bowl and NBA playoffs.

Remember that all bookmaker promotions and offers are meant to bring in new players to their platform. However, most of the bonuses requiring a promo code will be available to players who are already members. Taking advantage of promotions like this is key to finding value in the sportsbook. You want all the comps you can find so subscribe to betting site newsletters and opt-in for email updates.

BetMGM Sportsbook Free Bets

The BetMGM paid back bonus $1000 bet for new customers is the big free bet offered by this bookmaker. All bettors need to do is place a minimum $10 deposit to their account after registering, then place a bet on any fixture.

However, there is an ongoing free bet for both new and existing customers too. But there is more work to do to receive this offer. The Money Monday Club offer provides bettors with a $10 free bet at the start of each week. To qualify, bettors must place $50 or more on sports wagers in the previous week (Monday to Sunday).

Players can simply opt into the Money Monday Club by heading to the promotions page and selecting the offer. The page will then present a button that allows bettors to opt-in. Players can also check their progress throughout the week by pressing the button. This will display how many more wagers are needed to receive the weekly free bet.

BetMGM Sportsbook Promotions

The paid back bonus welcome offer and weekly free bet are just some examples of the ongoing promotions offered by BetMGM. Throughout the sporting calendar, many more, temporary promos are uploaded by the bookmaker. These often run leading up to major events or during a league season.

Insurance bets are common on the site with promotions running for the English Premier League, NFL, and NBA. Via these promotions, bettors can receive money back on their parlay wagers if one selection does not place. Again, players must opt-in to be eligible for these insurance bets and some come with expiry dates once the season finishes.

Also, remember that BetMGM isn’t just a sportsbook. They also offer casino and live poker rooms and these both come equipped with bonuses and promos of their very own. Free spins and backed-up chips are there for the taking. All the promotions, whether sports-based, for casino, or poker, are all accessible under the ‘Promotions’ tab. Many sports bettors have easily claimed these promos, so it’s easy to see that BetMGM is legit.

BetMGM Sportsbook Features

If there is any aspect of an online sportsbook that is more important than the bonus and promotions program, it’s the features. It’s another way for sportsbooks to stand out and make a name for themselves. BetMGM does just that and comes with a ton of great features.

Sports Markets

BetMGM has a huge offering of sports markets available for bettors. Wagers for all the most popular North American sports such as football, hockey, baseball, and basketball are available.

But, sports betting enthusiasts looking for less sought-after markets are catered for. Odds on international sports, like soccer league, Aussie Rules, cricket, rugby are on the site.

As a major player in the US sports betting arena, it’s no surprise that BetMGM now offers legit live streaming. Certain live fixtures and events can be viewed by pressing the video icon above the bet slip. However, not all matches and contests are streamed and there are currently limited options.

Odds Selection

A sportsbook is only as good as the wagers and odds they offer and BetMGM steps up and hits this feature out of the park. Players can choose from a range of sports betting markets for popular sports, whether it is money lines, point spreads, parlays, or teasers.

But, for bettors who like their multiple bets and specials, there is plenty to enjoy at BetMGM. Daily cross-sports parlays are uploaded by the betting site. These wagers are selected by the bookmaker and they can contain teams from different sports and leagues. For example, one daily could contain an NBA and NFL team to win. The next, it could be an NHL team and a soccer team to win their fixtures.

Casino and Poker Rooms

BetMGM also has a casino and poker rooms available for players. The casino and poker rooms come with their accounts. This helps players to keep track of their cash wins and bonus programs. There is also a huge number of classic and modern slot games, with jackpots and exclusive titles launching regularly.

BetMGM Sportsbook Deposit and Withdrawal Options

BetMGM has one of the easiest deposit and withdrawal options. It is quick and easy and all money is entered directly into your bank account. A host of payment options are available with Mastercard and Visa available. E-wallet payments and bank transfers are also available.


BetMGM has become a hugely popular legitimate sportsbook in recent years. Three years of experience in the US online betting scene have helped to improve the website and its offerings.

This includes an easy-to-use website, excellent betting options, live streaming, and a host of exciting promotions. As the betting platform spreads to more US states, more bettors will be able to access the high-quality services provided by this ever-improving sportsbook.

Is BetMGM a Legit Sportsbook in the USA?

BetMGM is a licensed and regulated sportsbook offering legalized sports betting in many US states. Yes it is legitimate.

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