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Sports Betting Picks are Everywhere

In today’s day and age, getting information can be very accessible via the internet. There are multiple different ways to get sports betting picks. Some are offered through paid services and others you can find for free. Plenty of picks are out there to find, but the key is determining which are worth the risk.

Our team has compiled a selection of the top sources for obtaining sports betting picks. Checkout our featured pages devoted to various types of picks.

Compiling as much information as possible from multiple trustworthy resources can help you make the best pick. The limit to how much research can be done does not exist when it comes to placing a bet. With the infinite number of betting tools out there, bettors can spend hours researching just one play in one game. It can be quite overwhelming at times, however, we’ve tried to make it simple. In this segment, we are going to help you navigate through the different types of ways to get sports picks with recommendations of places to go.

Trusted Picks Services & Research Tools

Betting News Sports Betting Picks

We also offer our own picks on our website. Our aggregated picks are based on the market consensus (the most common pick) from free picks providers across the sports betting industry.

  • OddsShark
  • Sports Betting Dime
  • Pickwise

Betting News uses predicted scores advertised by free picks providers to determine the market consensus. Consensus picks can be a great way to start off by finding out what most experts are predicting for the games. Using the experts predictions, you can do your own research to see whether or not your thoughts aline.

We pair the market consensus pick with the best available line from an online sportsbook. This gives you the best bet for the spread, moneyline and totals. We also show you where the public is betting shown by a percentage.

VIP or Premiums Services

Social media is great source for finding what they call “VIP” or “Premium” picks. I see a lot of them on Twitter specifically. This means you pay a fee to join a messaging group, or an email service of picks handicapped by betting pros. The packages vary depending on which service you choose. Some handicappers sell daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions, while more exclusive experts might only sell their top picks as a one-day package. It varies from service to service.

Groups like these normally have a handicapper for each sport, if not more than one. The idea is that you are paying for winning picks. You aren’t supposed to have to put in any work other than placing the bets. Nothing is guaranteed of course, but these experts do all the work and research for you. They provide analysis to back up their sports betting picks, and then it’s up to you to determine if you want to tail the bet.

Now this can be a very slippery slope, as you can imagine. When you pay for something, you expect something in return (or results in this case), but as we know – nothing is guaranteed in sports betting! Sports betting is also not a “get rich quick” scheme. This is a long term game. It’s an ultra marathon, not a 40 yard dash.

AI and Model Predictive Data

Predictive Data can be extremely helpful when placing your bets. AI Technology and Models that are offered through varies companies. This allows you to take the bias out of your research and focus strictly on the data. Many handicappers or companies rely on strictly data and math to help them place their bets. They are very analytical and backed by sheer numbers. Some examples are:

These are mainly subscription-based offerings that have different packages and are priced based on the information being offered. Some packages may allow users extra access to predictions, simulations, or other model based information. They usually break them down by sport as well.

I have personally used BetAlytics, which gives you data for both games and props from predictive data. It will calculate their predicted line and project it against the actual line, so you can literally see the competitive edge when placing your bets. This really highlights some good spots for finding value, and again, is backed by concrete statistical data. BetAlytics shows you which sports betting picks have a data driven advantage.

These types of services can be great to use with your own research to compare. You may find your pick lining up with the predictive data or it doesn’t at all, and you can re-evaluate. These predictions don’t always come true, and it is hard for a model to predict human error or injuries. As always, when taking information, make sure you’ve done your own research as well.

Free Sports Betting Picks Offerings

You can also find sources that offer insight and analysis for free as well! Some of the places you can find free picks can be chat room forums, social media platforms, or the good ole Google search. Some places include:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Discord
  • Patreon
  • FlashPicks

All these platforms offer different ways to get picks. One can even lead you to another. A good example is Twitter. There are a lot of sports handicappers on Twitter that have free discords where they post their write ups. You can join right from there.

Although they are free, you always want to do your own research to double check. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it is correct or a good pick!

Sports Betting Picks are Easily Accessible

The internet makes it incredible easy to access sports betting picks online. As we’ve discussed, they come in a variety of ways. Here at Betting News, we offer consensus picks for every major sport. Free picks are also widely available on any social media platform, but you definitely need to make sure the source is reputable. Premium or VIP pick services are also out there for purchase. Determining if a package is worth the cost is up for the customer to decide. Lastly, AI and Computer Models are used to give predictions for sports betting picks and exact game simulations. These services usually come at a cost, so again, the customer will need to decide if that’s the route they’d like to take.

As always, do your own research and make sure to properly vet your resources. They should have a good reputation, be very transparent, and ultimately be profitable long-term. More and more betting tools are popping up every single day, so be sure to use your head, and get your sports betting picks however works best for you!